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wireless-mouse-button-web-icon300pxThe online tools listed below remain copyrighted to the custodians and are subject to changes over time. This list is provided as information only and NQ Dry Tropics does not necessarily endorse, promote or provide financial or in-kind support to any of the on-line tools listed below.




  1. Latest high-definition satellite image from MetEye. (Custodian: Bureau of Meteorology).
  2. An alert system for the El Niño–Southern Oscillation  (Custodian: Bureau of Meteorology).
  3. Climate outlooks – monthly and seasonal covers rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the next three months.  (Custodian: Bureau of Meteorology).
  4. The Indicative Strategic Carbon Planting Tool assists with identifying areas for possible tree plantings for carbon capture. These include potential areas where planting native species would improve biodiversity and habitat connectivity, as well as other locations where mono-species could be planted (Custodian: NQ Dry Tropics).
  5. The Regrowth Benefits Tool is an interactive online mapping tool providing site specific regrowth information on carbon abatement potential, threatened species, biodiversity benefits and key Queensland Government regulations (Custodian: Qld Dept of Environment & Heritage).


  1. FORAGE is a web-based system which generates and distributes information relating to climate and pasture condition at user-specified locations (Custodian: Qld DSITIA – Long Paddock).
  2. Stocktake Plus  represents the next generation in FutureBeef decision support tools. It is based on the previous, well-respected Queensland Government Stocktake monitoring software but allows the user to complete their monitoring and calculations in the paddock on their mobile device for an immediate response (Custodian: FutureBeef).


  1. FeralScan – Citizen surveillance web app recording locations of feral animal locations. (Custodian: Invasive Animals CRC).
  2. North Australia Fire Information (NAFI) –  The NAFI site displays maps of fire activity based on information from satellites, such as hotspots (locations of recently burning fires) and fire scars (maps of recently burnt country). The maps are displayed to meet the needs of north Australian and remote area fire managers. (Custodian: Australian Government).
  3. Northern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook – the Outlook provides information to assist fire and land management agencies in making strategic decisions such as resource planning and prescribed fire management, to reduce the negative impacts of bushfire. (Custodian: Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC)
  4. WetlandInfo – website with information and tools on Qld’s wetlands. (Custodian: Qld EHP) –

The websites listed here are current to February 2020. Please let us know if linkages are broken.

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