NRM Community Groups

NRM community groups play a significant role in our region by bringing people together to improve land management practices, restore our landscapes and conserve natural resources in their local area. NRM community groups include volunteers affiliated with Landcare groups, other community ‘care’ groups (environment and NRM collectives), Indigenous groups and not-for profit organisations.

Our region has a network of over 25 active NRM community groups, which covers the majority of our area including:

Arcadia Coastcare
– BirdLife Townsville
– Bowen and Collinsville Landcare Group
Central Highlands Regional Resources Use Planning Cooperative (CHRRUP)
Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc. (CDTLI)
Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)
Dalrymple Landcare Committee (DLC)
Desert Uplands Build-up and Development Strategy Committee (DUC)
Geoffrey Bay Coastcare
Girringun Aboriginal Corporation
Greening Australia
Lower Burdekin Landcare Association (LBLCA)
Magnetic Island Nature Care Association (MINCA)
Mundy Creek Catchment Care
North Queensland Conservation Council (NQCC)
North Queensland Wildlife Care Inc
Olympus Crescent Coastcare
Reef Check Australia
Sea Turtle Foundation
Tangaroa Blue Foundation
WetlandCare Australia
Woodstock Landcare

Many of these are volunteer groups that have varying levels of membership, knowledge and expertise to undertake ongoing activities to improve environmental sustainability. Several not-for-profit organisations, including NQ Dry Tropics, play an important role in building NRM community connections and capacity through extension, education and on-ground work.

It is vital that local NRM community groups are empowered and supported to strengthen their community links, expand the size of their networks, and maintain the momentum created by their good work. This can be achieved by providing opportunities to build capacity and to share information and experiences.

Case Study
Magnetic Island Community Work 2015
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