Resource reliant enterprises

Our region’s economy relies heavily on natural resource-based industries – the gross value of commodities produced in our region for 2014-15 was an estimated $1,228.9m (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016) (described below). The region is well placed to support sustainable and diverse enterprises due to its significant water volumes captured by the Burdekin Falls Dam (Queensland’s largest dam), fertile soils, pasture-rich rangelands, mineral-rich geologies, wild fish stocks and unique natural wonders. Building on these enterprises, our region is a leader and hub in value-adding industries, associated essential services, and expertise in natural resource research, management and marketing. Strategic infrastructure is also a significant feature that strengthens the region’s competitiveness, including two major ports – Townsville and Abbot Point, which connect our resources to world markets. All of these enterprises create ancillary businesses and services that provide local employment.

  1. Grazing
  2. Commercial Fishing
  3. Cropping and Horticulture
  4. Energy
  5. Tourism
  6. Defence
  7. Mining, extraction and mineral processing
  8. Education and Research (E&R)

NQ Dry Tropics